My story

N H Styling and Staging was created through my Mother Michelle’s passion and flare for all Interior Design.

Back in 2019 I followed in her footsteps and with the help of the Interior Design Institute completed both a Diploma of Interior Design and the Certificate of Home Staging & Property Styling.

Fast forward to 2020 and during the pandemic I was fortunate to get my hands on a traditional seaside chalet which gave me both a fulfilling and inspiring project during the dark days of Lockdown.

In Feb 2023 I successfully completed the restyling and staging of Chalet number 2!

What can I offer?

If you are a small Holiday Let owner who needs more rental income then I can help you achieve this. 

it will take a minimal investment to unlock the true potential of your holiday home!

The Backbone to my Interior Design Service is a blend of both Holistic & Biophilic Design.  In essence imagine all that nature has to offer earthy tones, plants, natural materials then connecting it with balance, harmony, mood, mind and general wellbeing.

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